First place in Supply Chain Hackathon

Posted 29th Oct, 2015 in General

The University of Twente organised the third Supply Chain Hackathon on October 23rd. During this event student teams of analysts, designers and developers got the opportunity to show their skills in solving a number of challenging real-world supply chain cases whilst making use of real-world data provided by participating companies.

Photo from Supply Chain Hackathon

After a full day of creative teamwork all teams presented their solutions to the jury, which was made up of the participating companies and UTwente representatives.

Drive2Impress (Frank Brinkkemper, Floris Smit en Dennis Muller) won the 3D printed map of their favorite area offered by Kadaster for the best use of Geo Data. They built a portal for workers in the logistics sector to show both structured data such as orders and traffic info as well as social data such as twitter feeds based on actual location information.

The PhD team of the Utwente/IEBIS (Sjoerd van der Spoel, Fabian Aulkemeijer, Wouter van Heeswijk and Abhishta) won the air-balloon trip offered by CTT for the most innovative solution. They developed a working gamified process of container stacking. In a Tetris like screen the planner can try various stacking solutions of containers on ships and compare his/her score against the score of a stacking algorithm that was also implemented by the team.

€ 1000,- offered by TKI Dinalog was won by Friso van Dijk, David Lamers and Jeroen Monteban for the overall best solution. They built a dashboard that used various cloud scraping technologies to display real time estimated arrival times of various carriers in and integrated overview. The dashboard is very useful to planners and prevents manual checking of a variety of portals.

Read the full report on the University of Twente website.

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