During my student years I found myself fascinated with the philosophy of technology and the values embedded in the technologies we use, most of all privacy. To me, privacy is that one topic that won't leave my head. I'm the guy who dives into the history of familial living spaces to consider its influence on our modern day perception of privacy. Who wonders about the impact of technology legislation in the context of civil rights. And so many more of those strange questions that lead to interesting insights, but that few people in my direct vincinity want to hear all about. If you're a privacy geek, you may like my (slightly attention-deprived) blog.

In my studies I specialised in managing IT in organisations, and that's where I focused my attention professionally. I jumped on the chance to join a program combining a PhD in privacy governance with a government job. You can learn more about my research here.

Besides 'being into privacy', I also build things for the web, mostly as a hobby, and create my own illustrations. I read a lot too, play board and video games, and often wish there were more than 24 hours in a day to explore the many interesting things in the world.

Have a look around on my website and don't be afraid to say hi if you like what you see.